Release / Deployment Management

Release / Deployment management is a frequently used workflow with high costs of coordination. The Cross functional process with multiple stakeholders that results in a lot of complexity as there are multiple moving parts (testing, tiered release, communication to multiple stakeholders).


High coordination costs for Release / Deployment management.

It can be run through the Tasks, which can help create a consistent, streamlined, repeatable process that reduces cost.

Cross functional process across many groups (I.s., Eng. team, QA, Ops, Product, GTM teams).

Customize a template workflow format per org / team requirements which can help in increasing velocity. A standard structure means the chance of miscommunication with the business and customers regarding the event(s) can be minimized.

Multiple activities such as testing, tiered release, communication to multiple stakeholders, etc.

Allows you to reduce risk and increases visibility across stakeholders.