Customer Incident

Customer Incidents are basically anything that has an external customer impact for the company. The goal is to restore “normal” as quickly as possible, minimize (or even prevent) the effect on the customer, and guarantee the best levels of service quality and availability are restored and maintained.


Resolve alerts before they affect the customer.

Allows you to pre-empt events before they happen and possibly become visible to the customer. Increases the team’s confidence, by reducing the time window, improving feature quality, and reducing Service call toil.

The response is random and unique to the incident or area--even within the Engineering organization.

Standardized, streamlined, repeatable, and consistent process that can be templatized per team needs. This can also reduce the response to the restoration window for when an incident does occur.

Develop a process to improve response over time, based on lessons learned.

One source of truth to track all issues, remediation, and execution.

The ability to track customer issues and ensure the SLA requirements are maintained.

Provide confidence building by sharing the lessons learned and resolutions in a timely manner.