Release Notes July 2021

Features 07/28/2021

NEW! Microsoft Teams Video Integration

Blameless is adding a Blameless / Microsoft Teams Video Integration as a new option for Video conferencing, (in addition to Zoom, GoTo Meetings and Google Meetup).

SRE and Engineering teams resolving incidents through the Blameless chatbot, from either Slack or Microsoft Teams, can concurrently collaborate live through a dedicated Microsoft Teams video conference, that is automatically created at the start of the incident.


You can only have one video integration active at a time.

Therefore, if you choose the Microsoft Teams Video Integration, the other supported Video integrations (i.e., Google, GoTo, and Zoom) can not be activated.

Also, when connecting Blameless to your Microsoft Teams video service, the authorization step may take up to 30 seconds to complete.

Instructions for enabling your Microsoft Teams Video integration are available here or you can contact your CS or AE if you are interested in having this enabled for your instance.

Bug Fixes 07/28/2021

None for this release.

NEW! Release Notes Update

Release Notes are now available in both the Blameless web console and here on the Blameless Documentation Portal. Going forward, only the latest Release Notes will appear in the Blameless web console, while the complete History will appear on the Blameless Documentation Portal.

New! Content Improvements 07/28/2021

Content Improvements provide clarifications to the documentation by describing how the feature(s) work, any limitations to consider, and other helpful tips.

OpsGenie Integration Autotrigger

Trigger an alert while in an active Incident to OpsGenie /blameless trigger alert.


The /blameless trigger alert command is only available for OpsGenie.

JIRA Webhooks

Creating the Webhook requires JIRA Admin permissions. Also, BLameless suggests the following:

  1. Leave the “Events” field blank to capture everything.

  2. Blameless only tracks the following options within the Details window:

    • Issue Created
    • Issue Updated
    • Issue Deleted

All other options are ignored.

Unassigned Tasks in SlackBot

Marking non-assigned tasks as complete in Slack can’t be done (by design) (as expected), even though Slack allows anyone to “check” a check box item--implying the task has been completed.

You must assign a user/role to the task first. After you assign a user/role to a task, the assignee can check the task to complete it. The task description changes to strikethrough in the window, which is the indication that the task is completed.

If you attempt to complete a non-assigned task in the Slack Incident Channel, you will be able to check it, however, it will be followed by an error message appearing at the bottom of the list of tasks.

Features 07/06/2021

NEW! SLO Manager Enhancements

Enhanced Error Budget Policy notification service

  • Fully redesigned user interface with granular control of the notification thresholds
  • New notification type based on days left before 100% depletion

In addition to the percentage of available budget depleted, Blameless introduced new flexibility to trigger notifications (email, Slack channel, Blameless incidents) based on the number of days left (calculated based on the daily EB burn rate) before an error budget is 100% depleted.

Each error budget policy contains a flexible number of notification policies. Initially, the user will need to add notifications desired: The options of % depleted error budget and days left before 100% depletion. Thresholds are now customizable to your specific needs.

New Data Ingest Log per SLI

Blameless now reports the history of the data transfer issues and successes on per SLI basis via a new tab showing the “data ingest” log for that SLI, starting from the initial backfilling process.

Expanded New Relic Support

  • All SLI types supported:
  • Availability
  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • Saturation
  • Support for all New Relic metric types (e.g. APM, Browser, Infrastructure, Mobile and Synthetic)
  • Leverage New Relic NRQL query format to create New Relic SLIs

Bug Fixes 07/06/2021

Incident Task Description 300 Character Limit

If a customer tries to create a task with a description that is >300 characters, the front-end field in the incident type settings page does not allow more than 300 characters.

Reliability Insights not showing JIRA ticket URL

The Jira ticket URL was not showing up in Reliability Insights for followup actions.

SlackBot is now able to answer Slash (/) commands in Public Channels

The bot is now able to answer any slash commands in public channels that it is not invited in.


Private Slack channels still require an invitation.


If this does not work immediately, try re-authorizing Slack and clicking the "Save" button in the Slack Integration.

More Information

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