Release Notes June 2021

Features 06/23/2021

NEW! Blameless chatbot for Microsoft Teams

Blameless is providing early access to the Blameless chatbot for Microsoft Teams. SRE and Engineering teams can now resolve incidents faster without leaving the comfort of their favorite messaging tool.

If you’re interested in trying out our new Blameless chatbot for Microsoft Teams for yourself, fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you.

Microsoft Teams integrated with the Blameless application provides more freedom to collaborate on incident escalations from the messaging tool of your choice, by automating incident resolution and minimizing cognitive load. The integration provides dynamic information collection in a familiar environment with enhanced Incident tools and features.

Orchestrate an incident all the way to its resolution

The Microsoft Teams chatbot allows you to:

  • Start an incident and create a dedicated incident channel under a team
  • Easily delegate incident responsibilities via incident roles
  • Change the severity, status and type of an incident at anytime
  • Enrich incidents with tags
  • View on-call engineers and trigger alerts for a specific Pagerduty service
  • Capture messages and artifacts from the Teams chat to Blameless incident timeline

Direct access to a virtual “war room”

The war room provides direct access to a set of team collaboration resources which are automatically created when incidents start, enabling teams to collaborate immediately in the following ways:

  • Zoom video conference call (other providers coming soon)
  • A JIRA ticket
  • Blameless incident

Proactively include participating users from the Microsoft team

Members of the Blameless incident team are automatically captured in Blameless based on participation in those incident channels.

  • Guide and follow your team’s progress through an automated checklist of tasks
  • Create follow up actions, that will then automatically create a Jira ticket for each action

Drive retrospectives to completion

  • Assign an owner to complete the incident retrospective
  • Receive reminders in the Microsoft Teams channel to complete a retrospective
  • Send retrospective reports via email when published

The Blameless chatbot for Microsoft Teams requires a separate and dedicated Blameless account/tenant. Either the Slack or Microsoft Teams chatbot must be enabled, not both (at this time). Please contact Blameless Sales or Customer Success for more information.

Bug Fixes 06/23/2021

None for this release.

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