Release Notes April 2021

Features 04/26/2021

None for this release.

Bug Fixes 04/26/2021

Pendo PII Data

Per EU GDPR 3rd party rules, adjustments were made to the PII structure within Pendo to limit data to vendors.

Postmortem Email export not exporting images correctly

There was an issue with the images since they use access tokens for display. Tokens expire after an x amount of time therefore the images are broken. Solution was to change images to links.

Postmortem export error

The Issue would happen when you try to export and there is a minimum of one follow-up created without a ticket. Blameless now checks to see if there is a ticket to populate a link otherwise, a string “None” is shown.

Features 04/19/2021

Editing Incident War Room

The User can now add a Ticket through the Edit Icon which triggers the Edit War Room.

Bug Fixes 04/19/2021

PagerDuty Alerts not triggering correctly

Pagerduty alerts were not triggering for different services if there were unresolved alerts in PagerDuty.

Features 04/06/2021

None for this release.

Bug Fixes 04/06/2021

“SNOW” Flag

ServiceNow users were seeing ServiceNow references in the Ticketing Integration page when ServiceNow integration is not currently available.

PagerDuty Alert not triggered

The incident channel history was showing that Blameless received the command and sent the page, but in the Incident timeline in PagerDuty, showed no history of the page.

Blameless Bot "Polish"

Some emoji highlighting was not working on prod for selective channels.


Fix typo in Slack Compact Mode.

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