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The Blameless platform offers an integration with Zoom to create a zoom video bridge automatically when a Blameless incident is created.


It is a best practice to have a service account created to enable the integration.

Getting Started

Zoom requires the following components for the Blameless integration:

  • A Zoom account email address
  • A Zoom API key
  • A Zoom API secret

To enable the integration and use a valid API key/secret combination, you may need to use a Zoom Developer account to create a JWT app to generate the appropriate credentials. Click here to learn more.

Once you’ve created the app, you’ll be able to generate the API key and secret.

Input the user account email, API key, and API secret in the Blameless Zoom integration page:

  1. Launch the Blameless web application.
  2. Select the Settings icon and expand the Integrations list.
  3. Click on Video Conferencing and select the Zoom integration.
  4. Enter the Zoom User Email for the account enabling the integration
  5. Enter the API Key and Secret in the appropriate fields
  6. Click the Enable Zoom switch
  7. Click on Save

Testing the Integration

  1. To launch an incident: click on the Incidents icon on the Blameless web application left navigation menu, then click the “Add Incident” button.

  2. Complete the following fields:

    • Type (of incident)
    • Severity (of incident)
    • Description (of incident)
  3. Click the “Start Incident” button.

  4. Open the newly created incident. If you are successful, when you start an incident, you should see a Zoom link show up in the incident information.