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The Blameless platform offers an integration with GoToMeeting to create a (GoToMeeting) video bridge automatically when a Blameless incident is created.

Getting Started


  1. The integration requires the owner account to create a developer application. This owner must have a Pro account (or higher) and Admin rights within GoToMeeting
  2. GoToMeeting must be configured to enable co-organizers for meetings which can be found within the Admin Settings section of GoToMeeting
  3. Go to and login. Once logged in click My Apps in the upper right hand corner of the page
  4. Click on Add a new App and complete the following fields:
  • App Name : Something meaningful that allows you to quickly identify your app if you need to make some changes
  • Description: Brief description about this app
  • Product API: Here be sure to select the GoToMeeting
  • Application URL: Contact your Blameless Customer Success Manager for this URL
GoToMeeting create app
  1. Once you're done, click on the Create app button. This will take you back to the My Apps page where you can find your Consumer key and secret which will be used for the Blameless integration.

Setup the GoToMeeting Integration

  1. Launch Blameless
  2. Select Settings from the left navigation menu, select Integrations > Video Conferencing > GoToMeeting
  3. Click on the Manage button for GoToMeeting and fill in the Consumer key and secret from the prerequisite steps above
  4. Click Save
  5. Once you've saved, you'll need to go back into Manage for GoToMeeting to Authorize GoToMeeting
  6. Once GoToMeeting has been authorized, select co-organizers for your meetings. Co-organizers are individuals who can start a meeting on the owners behalf.
GoToMeeting in Blameless

Testing the Integration

  1. If you are able to see a dropdown list of users under GoToMeeting co-organizers then the integration was successful.
  2. Alternatively, creating an incident to see if a GoToMeeting is automatically created is another way to test the integration
GoToMeeting create app