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ServiceNow Integration

Getting Started

The Blameless platform integrates with ServiceNow allowing you to automatically:

  • Create a ServiceNow incident ticket when a Blameless incident is created
  • Create a Blameless incident when a ServiceNow incident is created; refer to the instructions below
  • Synchronize data updates bi-directionaly between Blameless and ServiceNow for selected mapped fields; refer to the table below
  • Map a service from the ServiceNow service catalog to a Blameless incident directly from the Blameless bot in Slack or Teams or from the Blameless web user interface when starting a new incident
  • Push text captured (highlights) from the incident channel in Slack or Teams to both the Blameless incident timeline and as work notes in the ServiceNow incident ticket

At any time, you can navigate between the incident channel in Slack or Teams, to the corresponding ServiceNow incident ticket and back to Blameless. In the ServiceNow incident ticket, look for a work note providing a link back to the incident in Blameless.

Continue to the next section for more information regarding ServiceNow and Blameless ticketing.


Click Here to go to the ServiceNow Integration Setup Instructions.

ServiceNow service catalog integration

Blameless is integrated with the ServiceNow service catalog CMDB such that a ServiceNow service can be selected directly from within Slack or Teams using the Blameless bot when starting a new incident. The selected ServiceNow service is added to the list of impacted services within the Blameless incident and within the ServiceNow incident ticket under the Service field. Changing the service in the ServiceNow incident ticket automatically updates the service in the Blameless incident (as part of the impacted services).

Auto-create a Blameless incident when creating a ServiceNow incident ticket

To automatically invoke the creation of a Blameless incident each time a ServiceNow incident ticket is created from within your ServiceNow instance, you will need to create a business rule in your ServiceNow instance.

Each business rule can be highly customized to create a Blameless incident only under specific conditions, with the flexibility to specify the Blameless incident type other than the default incident type.

Instructions on how to set up a business rule in ServiceNow to auto-create a Blameless incident are provided in the Blameless Scoped Application Installation and Configuration Guide.

Mapping a ServiceNow incident ticket to a new Blameless incident

Clicking on the "Enable Blameless Sync" button causes a new Blameless incident to be created in sync with the ServiceNow ticket.


Blameless incidents created when the integration with ServiceNow is not enabled, cannot be linked to an existing ServiceNow incident ticket. There is no way to manually link an incident on the Blameless side to an existing ServiceNow ticket.

Mapping tables

For example, the following tables highlight the mapped fields between Blameless and ServiceNow.

(1) Mapped fields between Blameless and ServiceNow

ServiceNow incidentBlameless incident
ServiceImpacted Service
StatusStatus (2)
PrioritySeverity (3 and 4)

(2) Mapping table for ServiceNow and Blameless incident status

CreateIn Progress
InvestigateIn Progress
IdentifiedIn Progress
MonitoringIn Progress

(3) Mapping table for ServiceNow and Blameless incident severity when starting an incident from Blameless (Blameless ⇒ ServiceNow)

This table maps the impact and urgency values in the ServiceNow incident ticket to the selected Blameless severity.

Incident severityImpactUrgencyPriority
Sev0111 - Critical
Sev1212 - High
Sev2313 - Moderate
Sev3324 - Low

(4) Mapping table for ServiceNow and Blameless incident severities when starting an incident from ServiceNow (ServiceNow ⇒ Blameless)

This table defines the severity automatically set in the Blameless incident depending on the selected impact and urgency selected in the ServiceNow incident ticket.

ImpactUrgencyPriorityIncident severity
111 - CriticalSev0
212 - HighSev1
122 - HighSev1
313 - ModerateSev2
223 - ModerateSev2
133 - ModerateSev2
324 - LowSev3
334 - LowSev3
z34 - LowSev3

For more information, refer to the ServiceNow incident priority lookup rules.

Setup the ServiceNow integration

  1. Go to the ServiceNow App store
  2. Search for and select the Blameless app.
  3. Click on “Get” to download the Blameless App and install it on your ServiceNow instance.
  4. Download and follow the instructions provided in the Blameless Scoped Application Installation and Configuration Guide.

The latest version of this Installation Guide is posted along with the Blameless app on the ServiceNow app store under the “Supporting Links and Docs” section.