Microsoft Teams

Getting Started

The Blameless platform offers a Microsoft Teams integration that allows you to manage and orchestrate your incident resolution workflow natively in Microsoft Teams.

Enable the Integration

  1. Navigate to the Blameless web application Settings page, scroll down and click on the "Messaging" category.
  2. Select the "Manage" button in the Microsoft Teams section.
MS Teams Settings
  1. Enable Microsoft Teams by moving the "Enable Microsoft Teams" slider to the 'ON' position. Grant the Blameless Bot application authorization by completing the OAuth flow.
  2. Click "(Re)Authorize" and complete the auth flow.
MS Teams CredentialsTeams OAuth Flow

After completing the OAuth flow, you are ready to install the Blameless bot to your entire Teams organization, or an isolated Team as desired.

  1. Download the Blameless bot manifest here.
  2. Enable custom app uploads in your Teams admin center app setup policy.
Enable Custom Apps
  1. Install the bot application at the Teams organization level, or in an isolated team, by uploading the bot manifest.

Teams Org Installation

  1. Navigate to the Teams admin center manage apps section.
  2. Click on "+ Upload" and upload the Blameless bot manifest archive.
Upload App Org Level

Isolated Team Installation

  1. Open your Teams client and find the single team you'd like to install the bot for.
  2. Click on the ellipse (...) next to the Team title.
  3. Select "Manage team".
Mange Team Menu
  1. Click on the "Apps" tab.
  2. Click on "Upload a custom app" in the bottom right and select the Blameless bot manifest archive.
Upload App Team Level

The Blameless bot should now be installed for your team and you can proceed to test the integration.

Testing the Integration

  1. From your Microsoft Teams client: Navigate to a Team which has the Blameless bot installed.
  2. Invoke the bot by mentioning it in a conversation, e.g. @blameless.
Teams Bot TestTeams Bot Test

Now that you have successfully installed the bot, it's time to become more familiar with its features.