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The Blameless platform offers an integration with as part of the Communications Workflow module in Blameless. The integration allows for the following:

  • Create a new incident on your statuspage from the external communications section in the comms lead workflow
  • Publish updates to an existing incident on your statuspage, from the external communications section in the comms lead workflow is a communication application that integrates into the Blameless communication system. Its role is to inform users of outages and maintenance schedules, allowing users to subscribe via e-mail or text message for updates.

To set up the integration between Blameless and, you will need a few items:

  • API URL Prefix
  • API Key
  • Page ID

Getting Started

Acquire the API URL Prefix

The API URL prefix can be found here:

The resulting prefix should look like something like this: API Key & Page ID

  1. To obtain an API Key & Page ID:
    • Log in to your account at the following location:
    • Follow the instructions regarding retrieving your API key, URL, and Page ID information.

Enabling the Blameless Integration

Now that you have all the required information, you just need to enter the appropriate values in the Blameless settings to enable the integration.

  1. Launch the Blameless web application.
  2. Select the Settings icon and expand the Integrations list.
  3. Click on Alerting
  4. Select the integration Integration Settings
  1. Enter the API URL, API Key, and Page ID in the appropriate fields.
  2. Select the "Enable" switch.
  3. Click on "Save".

Testing the Integration

  1. To launch an incident: click on the Incidents icon on the Blameless web application left navigation menu, then click the “Add Incident” button.

  2. Complete the following fields:

    • Type (of incident)
    • Severity (of incident)
    • Description (of incident)
  3. Click the “Start Incident” button.

  4. Open the newly created incident. If you are successful, when you start an incident, you should see a link show up in the incident information.

Sending a Communication to

  1. Open an incident and select the “Comms” tab.
  2. Select “Add Comm” column.
Add Communications
  1. When the Add comm panel opens, select the "External Communication type" radio button, scroll down to the field, and type the incident name if you wish to add the status message to a specific Incident.
Add External Communications Modal

More information on the Communications Workflow can be found here.