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Getting Started

The Blameless platform offers an integration with OpsGenie that allows you to:

  • Trigger an alert for OpsGenie (automatically from creation of a Blameless incident)
  • (NEW) Trigger an alert while in an active Incident to OpsGenie (/blameless trigger alert)

The /blameless trigger alert command is only available for OpsGenie.

  • Trigger creation of a Blameless incident from an OpsGenie alert

Opsgenie Link:


Integrate with either PagerDuty or Opsgenie. Do not attempt to activate both at the same time.


  1. Generate an API key for a specific Team.
  2. Select "Teams" and then "Integrations".
  3. Select the "Add Integration" option and then select "API".
  4. Set the OpsGenie credentials (API Key) in Blameless OpsGenie Integration via the Blameless web application Integration Settings page.
  5. Toggle the "Enable OpsGenie" slider to enable the integration.
  6. Click the "Save" button.
OpsGenie Settings

Configuration for Incident Types

OpsGenie Auto-Trigger Incidents

Blameless, upon initiating an incident, can automatically trigger an alert within OpsGenie teams.

OpsGenie Auto-Trigger
  1. Select an Incident type
  2. Scroll down and locate the "OpsGenie auto-trigger incidents" setting
  3. Toggle the "Opsgenie auto-trigger incidents" switch to enable auto-triggering
  4. Click Save.

Webhook Configuration

Customers should contact Blameless support to get their unique URL for the OpsGenie Webhook.

You will need to append the following two values to the end of the Blameless-provided URL for your OpsGenie/Blameless Integration:

  • Incident Type
  • Severity

The incident type value is case sensitive so verify your type matches your incident type label in the Blameless incident type field.

The severity field will ignore the SEV portion of SEV 0 and pick up the numeric value 0 only.

For Example:

A severity 1 incident associated with the DEFAULT incident type within Blameless will look like this:


Do not forget the appending ? between the URL and Incident / Severity elements when appending the string.

Once you have confirmed the URL from Blameless, refer to the following link for further instructions:

Testing the Integration

You need to confirm two things:

  • The general integration between Blameless and OpsGenie
  • The OpsGenie Webhook Integration

Testing the General Integration

  1. To launch an Incident: Click on the “Incident” (Flame) icon on the Blameless web application left navigation menu, then click on the “Add Incident” button
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Type (of Incident)
    • Severity (of Incident)
    • Description (of Incident)
  3. Click the “Start Incident” button

Creating an incident should have triggered an OpsGenie alert

Testing the Webhook Configuration

Trigger an alert within OpsGenie, which should then create a Blameless Incident. Make sure that you select the team associated with the Webhook when selecting the Responder. If a Blameless Incident is created from a OpsGenie alert then the integration was successful