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Blameless commonly used Commands

The Blameless cheat sheet provides users a one-stop location to easily locate common recurring commands. this sheet is a dynamic source of information as we will add more common commands as they are suggested.


At any point, if you’re unsure of what the command is, typing the following and pressing ENTER, will show the user various options that they can run.


Service or ModuleCommandAction
Blameless Bot/blameless severitySets the incident severity
/blameless statusSets the incident status
/blameless descriptionSets the incident description
/blameless resolveSets the status of the incident to Resolved
/blameless followup or by including #todo in a messageCreates a follow-up action
/blameless show incidentsShows the latest incidents
/blameless add tagAdd tags to a category for the incident
/blameless assignAssigns user to the specified incident role
Disable the reminders for _Time_Disable the reminders for Time
/blameless enableEnable or Re-enable reminders
Retrospective/blameless assign retrospectiveAssign a user to a retrospective role
Swimlane/blameless add swimlaneCreates a swimlane for the incident