Security Configuration Settings

Security Features

The Blameless platform offers a settings structure for use with the Security features. This includes the ability to add images to time lines and security analysis for Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

Enable storage of timeline images and files on Blameless servers

To display private images and files uploaded to Slack, Blameless will download them into our servers and render them in-line with the incident timeline. If you disable this feature, using the slider, we'll instead link directly to your slack archive instead.

Enable XSS attack detection in Postmortem Analysis content

Blameless automatically analyses your Postmortem's markdown content to prevent Cross Site Scripting attacks that could let insiders compromise session information from other members of their Blameless org who view their postmortem content. Disable this, using the slider, if you prefer to fully trust anyone writing postmortems in your organization.

Once complete, you save your changes.

If you make changes, you MUST save those changes before exiting this window or the changes will be lost.