Postmortem E-mail Preferences

Blameless makes it easy to automatically send completed Postmortems to relevant stakeholders via the Emails & Reminders configuration in the “Settings section”. Enabling this feature is a simple process.

Applying Preferences

The user can set these values under the Settings (gear) icon on the left side of the Blameless UI window.

Incident Types
  1. Locate the Settings (gear) icon and click on it.

  2. Locate the “Postmortem Preferences” option in the pop-out drop down and click on it.

    When you open the Preferences window, the following options are presented, allowing you to customize the delivery via the Blameless app.

  • Send completed Postmortems by E-mail

  • Send Postmortem E-mail to

  • Delivery days

  • Delivery time

Send completed Postmortems by E-mail

Directs the Blameless Bot to send completed postmortems via email(s) to be specified later in this settings section.

Send Postmortem E-mail to

Specifies which e-mail addresses should receive PM reports.

  1. Enter the desired address and press ENTER.

  2. Repeat for all addresses.

Delivery days

Specifies a recurring day the addressees should receive any completed PMs.

Delivery time

Specifies a time the addresses should receive completed PMs.

  1. Click on the “Delivery Days” drop down to pick an option.

  2. Click the “SAVE” button to set up the preferences.