Organization Configuration Settings


Organization Name

The name of your organization.


The default value is picked up from your system. You can, however, enter a different valid timezone if you wish.

Incident Roles

Roles can be assigned, based on the event structure within your company. For example, as part of the Default set up, we currently have the following roles added and they can be applied to whatever type of Incident you create.:

Operations Lead, Commander, Communication Lead, Frontend Lead, Backend Lead, Technical Lead, SLO Commander, Product Owner, Reliability Owner, Component Owner, and Hiring Lead

There is no limit but your needs and imagination regarding Incident types and roles involved.

Severity labels

Can be defined using whatever name you want. The Label itself is a searchable value, but not the number portion.

SEV0Label for severity 0
SEV1Label for severity 1
SEV2Label for severity 2
SEV3Label for severity 3

Once complete, you must save your changes.

If you make changes, you MUST save those changes before exiting this window or the changes will be lost.