Get Settings by ID

The GET api/v1/settings endpoint allows querying of one or more settings by setting IDs. Settings to query are specified in the query params as a comma separated list. The settings query is scoped to incident type and/or severity.


Authorization: Bearer TOKEN


https://\<customer\> tity_type=incident-type-severity&scope_entity_id=type%20one-default

Query Params

https://\<customer\>\<comma separated setting IDs\>&scope_entity_type=\<scope type\>&scope_entity_id=\<scope ID\>


All query params must be URL encoded.

CustomerstringYesThe slug of your organization cluster
AuthBearer with valid authorization token
Path ParametersIntegerYesThe incident ID
idsStringYesComma separated list of setting IDs scope_entity_type: Either incident-type
or incident-type-severity.
scope_entity_idstringYesConcatenation of the incident type and severity separated by a dash. Use default for severity if not referencing a specific severity.

Example Request

curl \\
\-H "Authorization: Bearer *****" \\
\-X GET \\

Example Response

"ok": true,
"settings": {
"org.incident.tag-categories": {
"SERVICE": [],
"CUSTOMER": ["Google","facebook"],
"PRODUCT": [],
"tdi": []
"org.incident.naming-scheme": "NUMERIC"