Get Postmortem

This endpoint requires authentication. You will need to fetch a valid authentication token first.

Get Postmortem

Returns a Blameless postmortem.

GET <customer><incidentId>/postmortem

CustomerStringYesThe slug of your organization cluster
AuthYesBearer with valid authorization token
Path ParametersIntegerYesThe incident ID
Body ParametersStringYesAn object with one or more incident properties and values

Sample Request

curl \
-H 'content-type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \

Fields identified in the samples are the minimum returned. The response may contain additional fields.

Sample Response

The sample response returns a postmortem containing one or more identified incident properties and values.

"ok": true,
"postmortem": {
"_id": {
"$oid": "5b3f1ca3c09f4300017248e6"
"incident": 342,
"created": {
"$date": 1530862754977
"updated": {
"$date": 1530862755096
"state": "INCOMPLETE",
"incident_duration": 39,
"time_to_indentify_incident": 0,
"time_to_take_action": 0,
"summary": "checking the list",
"root_cause": "",
"why_items": [],
"analysis": "## What happened\n\n\n###",
"tags": {
"SERVICE": [],
"PRODUCT": [],
"Impact": []
"incident_type": "DEFAULT"