Create Incident

This endpoint requires authentication. You will need to fetch a valid authentication token first. Refer to the Authentication page for more information and prerequisites.

Create Incident

Creates and returns a Blameless incident based on the information provided.


The Incident number is auto-assigned by the Blameless application.


POST <customer>

CustomerStringYesThe slug of your organization cluster
HeadersTokenYesBearer with a valid ID 'content-type: application json'
DescriptionStringYesA brief description of the incident.
CreatorStringNoThe Slack user ID of the creator user
TypeStringNoThe incident type; you can specify the possible incident types form the preferences page of your Blameless instance
SeverityIntegerNoThe Value between 0 and 3 indicating the severity of the incident (0 is most severe; 3 is least severe)

Sample Request

curl https://<customer> \
-H 'content-type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
-d '{
"description": "An incident description",
"creator": "UABC123",
"type": "security",
"severity": 1

Fields identified in the samples are the minimum returned. The response may contain additional fields.

Sample Response

The return lists the newly created Incident, its creator, a Severity (Sev) level, description, as well as date and time.

"ok": true,
"incident": {
"_id": 344,
"created": {
"$date": 1530898627590
"creator": "UA4R54PCH",
"description": "New incident test 3",
"severity": 1,
"type": "security",
"start_of_customer_impact": {
"$date": 1530898627590
"name": "344"