Settings allows users to customize their Blameless experience across the different product areas.

Getting Started

Navigate to settings from the main navigation menu. Settings are categorized across the following sections:

  • Organization
  • Incident Workflows
  • Postmortem Preferences
  • Bot Settings
  • Integrations
  • Notifications
  • Security

Incident Workflow Configuration

Users can define different workflows per incident type and severities. This allows you to configure settings related to incidents, postmortems, and integrations for different use cases.

Incident Workflows - Settings

Postmortem Configuration

Custom questions are configured using JSON schema which allows for ultimate flexibility and can be configured per incident type and severity in Settings:

Postmortem - Custom Questions Settings

The analysis section can be configured via a markdown template per incident type/severity within Settings:

Postmortem - Analysis Template

Settings Access Control

Settings access control is defined by settings section. There are cases where a user requires access to an org-level setting, such as incident for creating incidents, but should never have access to more senisitve settings, such as integration credentials. Learn more about settings access control.